ALITI Productions & Talent Agency, USA

"Talent begins in you."



At ALITI Productions & Talent Agency, USA; we provide Client Development Services to prepare and/or strengthen our clients in their industry of choice.

Our services vary depending on our clients needs and include, but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Public Relations & Marketing Services
  2. Professional Resume/ Curriculum Vitae (CV) Development Services
  3. Professional Cover letter Development Services
  4. Client Resume/ CV distribution
  5. Client Portfolio Development Services as per industry
  6. Business Plan Development Services
  7. Business Cards Development Services
  8. Professional Website Development Services
  9. Client Make-Over's as per industry
  10. etc...




I really appreciate your help and thanks for the time you took to put my resume together.  

First of all, I like the format it look more professional and more organized. Secondly, I was impressed by the way you include the picture on the resume. As you know here in America we don’t put picture on resume, but I definitely like the end result. I can see you took your time to polish my resume and make it more attractive to recruiters. 

Also, I did notice an improvement in the look, It was clear that you know the material very well and you dedicated your time to get an impressive result. I also admire the way you reorganized my resume by adding and cutting some part. For instance, you put the educational section at the bottom while at first I had it in the beginning. You focused more on my experiences and my objective.

Thank you,

Aicha Lengane


Thanks again for helping me with my resume, I really appreciate it! 

I tried to combine 2 resumes in one, the one with my experience and I also tried to combine the resume that our teacher helped us with in school because it was all fashion stuff. I know I'm suppose to be tailored to fashion, but it was all over the place. 

I needed a miracle on this resume before I sent it out again.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Shakira Quilter